R/C kits
Something in which I have always specialised is the supply of battery radio control conversion kits, to customer’s requirements. Several locos pop up time and time again. One such is a conversion kit for Aristocraft’s 1:29 scale Class 66 diesel loco.

The kit for the Class 66 loco comprises of the following items :-
2.4GHz R/C combo, Macfive3-SP/UHC 7 Amp R/C speed controller, 14 cell 16.8v 5AH 'C' Ni-MH pack with mini-Tamiya lead set, 12-20 cell 500mA Smart delta peak charger, 3A overload cutout, DPDT centre off switch, 5mm/2.1mm charge socket and finally ..... FX-4U 5 watt digital sound card with R/C two tone horns.

The sound is from a recording of a real Freightliner Class 66 which is the only way to get a realistic sounding model. This will soon be available with an R-CAT™ option (Radio-Control Audio Throttle) which gives radio control of the engine sound, so that it may be set any any speed to simulate slow heavy working, or coasting at speed.   A non-sound conversion kit is also available, if required, which can be upgraded to sound at a later date.
Conversion of the loco to R/C is straightforward, with all the components ‘on-board’ the locomotive. A full description can be read in the June 2008 issue of British Railway Modelling and a video of my loco can be seen on my Youtube site - CLICK HERE!.
A set of conversion notes is also supplied to help those doing a conversion. Once converted, the loco can still be operated by 2-rail track power, albeit without the sound card fully working. This can still be turned on to give a ‘tick-over’ sound with power supplied by the ‘on-board’ battery pack.

Whilst I am now able to provide a personal conversion service, availability does depend on workload. Please contact me for more details. There are also many other locos for which I can provide a custom conversion kit, so please ask.
Class 66